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July 12, 2021
As you may have noticed, this page is not often updated.
It's normal, don't worry, it will be very infrequently, only when necessary.
So what's new this time ?

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For those who are wondering who I am or who would like to have some more information about my humble self, I've just added on the page a mini bio (see below the news, "Who am I ?").

On Deviant Art, I continue to quietly feed my gallery with the drawings made for the Capharnaum role-playing game. On Instagram, I always post recent drawings, mini videos and more...

On my Tumblr, I now post some thoughts about the Moon Tales webcomic, in addition to showing some drawings of it. We are indeed starting with Pierre, the co-author, a series of articles about its design. The first two of them have just been put online and talk about the origins of the project as well as its hero(in)es... while describing two of them in more detail : Thornren and Tamara. Also noteworthy is the post from the beginning of 2020 which revealed some new elements about this new world and our ambitions concerning it.

On the other hand, if you want to follow everything that is posted on this blog about Moon Tales, this link should keep you happy.

See you soon, here or elsewhere !


[WHO AM I ? Boris CourWhat ?!]

Let me begin by saying that my name is pronounced "kurdas" in english ^^ (OK, that's not quite the real pronunciation, but it’s the closest I can get to the french one).

In essence, I'm an illustrator. I drew for french tabletop role-playing games (Agone, Capharnaüm, Nightprowler...) and some novels a long time ago. Nowadays I draw by passion, especially for my future Webcomic in collaboration with Pierre Coppet : Moon Tales.

I love imaginary worlds, whether they come from comics, series, movies, video games, books, etc. I also love tabletop role-playing games (whether playing or just reading them). And don't forget french fries and cakes !

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